Estágios remunerados no Joint Research Centre da Comissão Europeia

O Joint Research Center (JRC) da Comissão Europeia está à procura de estagiários em várias áreas, para Departamentos localizados em Ispra (Itália, 15 vagas), nasseguintes áreas:

Strategy, Work Programme and Resources

  • Joint Research Centre Institutional History Project (iHiP). Deadline: 12/09/2018.

Energy, Transport and Climate

  • Vehicle emissions characterization at sub-zero temperatures. Deadline: 20/09/2018.
  • Data collection and set up of an in-use database for vehicle energy consumption and CO2 emissions simulation. Deadline: 19/09/2018.
  • On-road test data analysis for the development of a driver-behaviour benchmarking algorithm. Deadline: 19/09/2018.

Space, Security and Migration

  • 3D Artist for Mixed reality activities in the field of Science Communication. Deadline: 01/10/2018.
  • Analysis of chemical accidents for lessons learned and emerging risks. Deadline: 11/09/2018.

Sustainable Resources

  • Support to the development of the Raw Materials Information System. Deadline: 20/09/2018.

Knowledge Management

  • Graphics support and Infographics to communicate on Science for Policy. Deadline: 12/09/2018.


  • Quantitative Analysis of Composite Indicators and Scoreboards. Deadline: 20/09/2018.

Nuclear Security and Safeguards Department

  • Tomography. Deadline: 04/10/2018.
  • Pulse Train Analyser. Deadline: 03/10/2018.
  • Optical image processing. Deadline: 27/09/2018.
  • 3D data analysis and visualization. Deadline: 27/09/2018.
  • VR Display for 3D Point Clouds. Deadline: 27/09/2018.

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