Estágios remunerados no Joint Research Centre da Comissão Europeia

O Joint Research Center (JRC) da Comissão Europeia está à procura de estagiários em várias áreas, para departamentos localizados em Ispra (Itália), nas seguintes áreas:

Strategy, Work Programme and Resources

  • Code: 2020-IPR-A-000-014788 – ISPRA, Media monitoring, Deadline: 15/07/2020.

Energy, Transport and Climate

  • Code: 2020-IPR-C-000-014771 – ISPRA, Automatic Web Reporting of Air Pollution Sensor Performance, Deadline: 26/08/2020.

Space, Security and Migration

  • Code: 2020-IPR-E-000-014968 – ISPRA, COVID Operational Research Activity, Deadline: 05/08/2020.
  • Code: 2020-IPR-E-000-014509 – ISPRA, Training on IoT and Wireless Sensor Networks, Deadline: 03/08/2020.
  • Code: 2020-IPR-E-000-014648 – ISPRA, Experimental Evaluation of Wireless Communications Technologies for
  • Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS), Deadline: 21/07/2020
  • Code: 2020-IPR-E-000-014650 – ISPRA, Development of Innovative Satellite Navigation Applications, Deadline: 17/07/2020.
  • Code: 2020-IPR-E-000-014808 – ISPRA, Adaptation of structures to the impacts of a changing climate, Deadline: 16/07/2020.

Sustainable Resources

  • Code: 2020-IPR-D-000-014952 – ISPRA, Distribution of Invasive Alien Species in Europe, Deadline: 18/08/2020.
  • Code: 2020-IPR-D-000-014954 – ISPRA, Crop yield forecasting in developing countries, Deadline: 18/08/2020.
  • Code: 2020-IPR-D-000-014956 – ISPRA, Interlinkages between EU funded research and the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030, Deadline: 18/08/2020.
  • Code: 2020-IPR-D-000-014949 – ISPRA, Calculation of consumer footprint of an average European citizen: nowcasting and foresight, Deadline: 03/08/2020.
  • Code: 2020-IPR-D-000-014931 – ISPRA, Developing an Africa Knowledge Platform, Deadline: 30/07/2020.
  • Code: 2020-IPR-D-000-014889 – ISPRA, Raw Materials Project and the Raw Materials Information System (RMIS), Deadline: 21/07/2020.

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